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Welcome to Gorman's Garments & Gear's On-line Store!

We are glad you have selected to visit our on-line WebStore. Here you will find the same great selections you can find in our retail store. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience, and please come by our retail store - we would love to see you.

If you have already established on-line access to our WebStore, select the "Sign in" option at the top to review your purchase and order history. You can even re-print a receipt if you like. If you are new to the WebStore but have made purchases in our retail store and have a receipt, you can create an on-line ID that is linked to your existing account. Just select the "Sign in" option and choose "Link to My Existing Account".

We started out in the School Uniform and Sports Apparel business 9 years ago and currently provide School Uniforms to 6 local schools. We also provide decorated apparel/uniforms to a seemingly endless number of boys and girls sports teams (of all ages) competing in a wide variety of sports including: lacrosse, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, swim teams...

Gorman's continues to expand its Medical Scrubs offerings and now carries every major scrub brand including, Cherokee, Landau, Koi, Grey's Anatomy, Dansko, etc. We provide in-house embroidery with quick turn around service.

We are also proud of our Corporte Apparell Business which provides high quality gaments/uniforms companies (large and small) in a variety of industries including: landscaping, construction, medical, security, restaurants, etc.